Selvaggio Blu

Selvaggio Blu

The Selvaggio Blu trekking starts in Pedra Longa and ends in Cala Luna, winding through unspoiled paths, hanging within sea and mountain. At the moment it is considered one of the most fascinating and intensive trekking in all Europe, as you can check in the most important national and international guides.
The idea behind this unique trekk goes back to the 80’s, and is due to an intuition of two mountaineers and friends, Mario Verin e Peppino Cicalò. They came from the “Continente”, a word still used to refer to people coming from the peninsula, even though we like to point out that Cicalò, has sardinian origins. Encouraged by the municipal administrators of that time, the two men explored little by little, the part of Baunei coast within Pedra Longa and Cala Luna, searching for hidden paths and forgotten passages. In two consecutive seasons, the first one in May 1987, the second one the following year, they had the idea of creating a special route joining the old shepherd’s paths and the old mule tracks used from charcoal burners, giving birth to a charming coast itinerary.
Verin and Cicalò, foreseeing the potentiality of similar routes, published in 1989 a brochure, entitled “Baunei Sentieri”, which can be considered “the mother of all hiking guides of the Baunei area”. In the guide they specified that, the trekking named by them, “Selvaggio Blu”, it’s only for well trained, expert excursionists, with good orientation capacity and a very good climbing ability”.

The idea launched by the two climbers was subsequently enhanced by expert local guides, who for years have provided the opportunity to try the “Selvaggio Blu” to anyone who wants to experience the thrill of living in close contact with unspoilt nature for six days.
The basic itinerary of “Pedra Longa – Cala Luna” is usually divided into five or six stages, as needed and according to the skills of the participants. There are plenty of spectacular passages, some of which are hundreds of metres above the sea. The most difficult points to get past can still count on valuable and irreplaceable ancient “scalones”, juniper walkways built by the more experienced and skilled herdsmen.
Abseiling down sheer cliffs on the sea and night bivouacs in ancient folds help to make the unparalleled trek both enchanting and compelling.


In order to be accredited for the trek, each group must send in advance all the information regarding the duration (start and end day), plan for the overnight stops (to be chosen from those in the attached list, bearing in mind that the Punta Ispuligi stage, i.e. the Oven on the promontory of Cala Mariolu as well as that of the Bosco di Billariccòro (Cala Birìala) are reserved only for Alpine or Environmental-Excursionist Guides with a valid licence), number of participants, contact person (Group Leader or Guide) and Logistics Agency (where present) to the Central Secretariat/Selvaggio Blu Desk at; once the trekking plan has been confirmed, it will be sufficient to pay the fee of € 30.00 per person (Alpine and Environmental-Excursionist Guides excluded).

The last email confirming the trek (sent by the secretariat with the list of authorised bivouacs) and the payment receipt (or the Selvaggio Blu tickets, if this is done in cash) are the two documents (in addition to the identification ones) to be shown in the event of controls by the police forces in charge of controlling the area; since the payment of the Selvaggio Blu ticket includes any access to Cala Goloritzè, the same documents can also be requested by the staff working on the beach access path.

A sudden change in the trekking plan in progress, due to force majeure (primarily adverse weather conditions), must be promptly communicated to the Secretariat, which will indicate, where possible, an alternative stopover, in order to avoid widespread misunderstandings on the allocation of areas (which in certain periods are sold out) and, consequently, an indiscriminate (and above all unplanned) overcrowding of bivouacs.

As for the payment of the ticket, it can be made by Bank Transfer, to be paid up to one week before the start of the itinerary, to the Bank Details that the Secretariat will communicate; Alternatively, the ticket can be paid in cash, even the day before departure, at the Secretariat (viale Plammas, Santa Maria Navarrese, c/o Circoscrizione Comunale) or at the municipal Infopoints of Baunei (via Orientale Sarda, c/o Centro di Documentazione) and Santa Maria Navarrese (via Lungomare, opposite the entrance to the Central Beach), agreeing in advance on an appointment and in any case subject to their opening hours.

For further information, please contact the Secretariat at +39 3495462583 (Mon-Fri 10am-1pm and 3pm-4pm).

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