Golgo Plateau

A basaltic upland surrounded by limestone

A wide plateau covered with a dark casting of Pleistocene basaltic lava, separated from the sea by the whitish ridges of limestone mountains, typical features of the inland parts of Baunei.

The tourist potential of the plateau was already perceived by the people from Baunei in the 1970s; As a matter of fact, the construction of the first structure for tourist purposes dates back to that time: the typical Sardinian restaurant ‘Golgo’ which is still operational today, was built following the architectural characteristics of the traditional ‘coiles’ of Supramonte.

The road to Golgo branches off from Via Orientale Sarda near the church of San Nicola. A spectacular series of hairpin bends allows you to overcome the rocky ridge above the village, and once you reach 630 metres in altitude, you can enjoy a breathtaking view, ranging from the Gennargentu mountains to the Gulf of Arbatax.

At this point, alongside the road, a launching ramp used by paragliding lovers has been equipped.

Going past the locality known as ‘Su Idìle’, so called as a huge puddle forms during the winter (in Sardinian ‘idile’ = ‘marshy place’), the road continues on a slight slope towards the inland.
The first dirt road on the right leads to a panoramic terrace with an overhanging view of the town, known as the ‘Belvedere de Santu Franciscu’.
Continuing on the tarmac road along the ‘Bia Maore’ (‘the main road’), the second dirt road to the right leads to the area of ‘Monte Ginnirco’ (811 m.), served by a dense network of dirt roads used by the numerous shepherds who still frequent the mountain.
Remaining on the ‘Bia Maore’, you can reach the heart of the plateau, today famous above all for an extraordinary chasm called ‘Su Sterru’ in Sardinian, one of the deepest in Europe.

The tarmac road ends not far from the country church dedicated to St Peter, from ‘Su Sterru’, from ‘As Piscinas’ and the beginning of the path leading to ‘Cala Goloritzè’. A great concentration of tourist attractions in a few square kilometers.

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