Excursion to Cala Biriala

Excursion to Cala Biriala

Departure point: Locality “Ololbitzi”

Description: From Baunei take the road which leads to the plateau of Golgo (turn right after St Nicholas church in Baunei and follow the directions to San Pietro (St Peter)- Golgo.
After a few hairpin turns on a steep slope, you reach the Supramonte, and after a stretch of downhill road (about 8 km) you find the little church but before reaching it, please notice a sign on the right for Cala Sisine, leave the paved road and follow that direction.
After about 1,5 kilometers, pass the Nuraghe Orgoduri (on the left) and continue straight on the road leaving the sign for Ispuligedenie on the right until you reach the locality “Ololbitzi”, about 16 km from Baunei.

Leave the car at the parking clearing and take the clear path on the right on a slight uphill heading North ( a first turn on the left leads instead to a shepherd hut recently restored). After a short distance there is a second detour on the left which leads to Serra Ovra (369 a.s.l.) but you must go straight along the ridge of Scala Oggiastru up to a panoramic cliff overlooking the sea and mountain walls of Urele.
At this point the trail proceeds slightly downhill and it meets another fork: at 330 a.s.l. the cartway goes on the right, but on the left it is possible to notice the path leading to “Coile Piddi” reachable within a 40-minute hike.

Continue hiking downwards on the evident cartway and before reaching a stunning lookout, you can already spot on the left the beach with its iconic rock arch.

You are now in front of the first obstacle to take over: a passage protected by a steel cable leads to an exposed wooden ladder (“scalone”) by which you will manage the descent of a steep rocky wall.After a small leap, you will end up on a beautiful rock amphitheatre.
From now on you will walk steeply downward on a trail which is not as marked as in the first part. Walk in the direction of the sea until you can locate on the left a second important obstacle.
A steel ladder on a dramatic cliff allows you to overcome a 5- meter leap and just a little further with a short downclimb (be extremely careful) you arrive at the forest below.
Hike in NE direction about 100 metres from the steel ladder and make sure not to lose the trail (not always evident) in the woods. Continue in the north direction on the left, walk among several clearings used to burn the coal at the end of the XIX century until you can catch a glimpse of the turquoise-blue sea.
You walk downhill towards NE; at about 100 m after the metal ladder, you must pay attention because in the woods the trail is not always visible. Keep going direction N, maintaining your left, until you reach some coal yards, and finally you can dive into the deep blue sea of Cala Biriala.

Dati tecnici escursione

  • Distance: 2,5 km
  • Hiking time : 2 h to walk down, 2.30 h to walk back up
  • Difficulty level : EE (A) - for expert excursionists, some exposed parts present short climbing.
  • Altitude difference: +100 m, - 340m.
  • Signposting: not present.
  • Info: It is a challenging path with some exposed parts close to the cliffs to overcome with ancient wooden ladders and short climbs and downclimbs.


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