Cabras Cheese

Cabras Cheese

Goat’s Cheese of Baunei

Crabas carries on with passion and innovation the main work of the centuries-old Baunese tradition, in a land that, without forgetting the deep roots of Sardinian pastoral culture, aims to redefine itself in a rapidly changing world.

Matteo, who owns a mini dairy focused on processing goat’s milk from Baunei, represents a new generation of shepherds who are forward-thinking and creating authentic products while rediscovering the original and ancient flavors of the past.

Various cheese types, including the freshest such as ricotta, cream cheese, and caciotta, to the most seasoned, are available for your enjoyment.


Via Roma, 175 BAUNEI (OG)

+39 329 1908381 oppure +39 328 4764719


Cabras Cheese

Cabras Formaggi represents the symbol of a new generation of shepherds looking ahead, shaping genuine products.

Sa Brocca, Artistic Ceramics

Stefano and Barbara offer an assortment of artistic ceramics entirely handmade. Like the brand new goats of Baunei.

Goldsmith Workshop “Sa Naccara”

The Laboratory Goldsmith Sa Naccara opened its doors in April 1996.

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