From S. Maria Navarrese to Pedra Longa

  • Distance: 4,5 km.

  • Duration: 1h 30′

  • Difficulty: easy (F level, according to CAI classification)

  • Ascent: 200 m.

  • Signs: good; well visible on the footpath.

  • Info: in summer, there is a bar at the starting point (Bar “Sa Cadrea”) and at the destination (Bar-Restaurant- Pizzeria “Pedra Longa). You can find their telephone numbers in the Restaurant section in this web site.

Hiking from S. Maria Navarrese to Pedra Longa

Starting point: Bar “Sa Cadrea”, Santa Maria Navarrese

Description: this is an easy excursion, a taste of the “Selvaggio Blu” trekking itinerary, but nonetheless a spectacular mixture of shiny green, deep blue and white colours!

You start from “Sa Cadrea” panoramic terrace, which you can easily reach driving on Via Plammas up to Il Pozzo Restaurant, and after, on Via Pedralonga up to Bellavista Youth Hostel. At the left of “Sa Cadrea” Bar, you see a wooden sign indicating the beginning of the trail. You go past a little gate (please remember to close it!), and walk direction north through cistus and mastic tree bushes. After a small stretch uphill (just two minutes), you keep going straight (on your left the path takes you to Località Su Rele) and soon you reach the picnic area “Ardalafé”. On your right you will notice a small track downhill to the beach, but you must keep walking northwards, through strawberry trees, juniper, mastic and green olive trees, until you get to another fork: the sign informs you that on your right the path takes you to “Su Runcu Nieddu”, walking downhill to the sea. You keep on the left and after 30 minutes, you get to a third fork, which is not well indicated. On the right, the track runs downhill to the small “Follò” grove; on the left, it takes you to a dry pebbly riverbank. You wade across it and keep going north as far as you reach a rock ladder. Follow the red signs, turn left under a carob tree, and then again right, direction north. From this point, the track runs high in altitude, at first through cistus bushes, then through strawberry trees, junipers and some rare turpentine trees. Pedra Longa is now in front of you, just a few minutes’ walk away. Before reaching it, you can also rest a little on an overhanging terrace, overlooking the sea and take some pictures. The track ends on a paved stretch; from the SS 125 you can easily reach the restaurant area, at the foot of Pedra Longa pinnacle. You can get back to Santa Maria on the same track or by car, from the restaurant area.