Hiking from S. Maria Navarrese to Baunei

  • Distance: 8 km.

  • Duration: about 2 hours

  • Level of difficulty: Hiking (E level, according to CAI classification)

  • Ascent: 300 m. uphill – 250 m downhill

  • Signs: good only in the first stretch of the walking itinerary. 

  • Info: a beautiful excursion for everyone, which does not involve technical and logistical difficulties.

Hiking from S. Maria Navarrese to Baunei

Starting point: Località “Su Rele” in S. Maria Navarrese

Description: the starting point is Località “Su Rele”, which you can reach by car driving on the panoramic road of the same name, right above the small village of S. Maria Navarrese. After passing a wooden gate, you go direction north-west; and then after 200 m., you leave the dirt road and take a small footpath on your left (follow the sign to “Croce di Pittaine”). First, you walk under the “Alacarta” rock wall, then slightly uphill westwards under Mount “Pittaine” (on its top, you can see the cross of the same name). You keep walking direction north-west until you reach, after about 2 km, località “Sa Contralba”, a wide clearing. From this point you will find a dirt track going north; you have to keep your right, walking eastwards in the scrub, on a slightly uphill small trail. After 600 m., you reach a glade, just behind Mount “Pittaine”, at 450 a.s.l. If you look north-west, you will see Mount Scoine peak, east the blue sea and behind you Santa Maria Navarrese village. From now on, the path gets less and less visible; do pay attention and do not miss the uphill track, going north. You keep walking for about 1 km and 100-height difference (on your left there is the beautiful rock side of Mount Scoine), until after a while you reach “Locurbu”, which is the mountain pass between Mount Scoine and Mount Oro. Now you can see the village of Baunei in front of you, even though you must walk 4 km, to get there.

You go downhill on the dirt road, until you cannot miss the paved road to Pedra Longa. You cross it just before the “Uttolo” refuge and walk uphill direction northeast on the dirt road; at 430 a.s.l. you turn right, and at the next hairpin turn left. From the footpath, you will be able to see the pine grove below, and when the trail goes downwards, you will keep on walking until you reach the village. This old mule track, which in the past represented the only access way to the plateau, runs high on the rocks, until “Sa Carfidura” (on the right, the mountain has got two wide cracks). At this point, you have already covered 6 and a half km and you are at 650 a.s.l.. You keep walking northwest through typical Mediterranean bushes, until you get to the panoramic lookout “Santu Franciscu”, from where you will enjoy an amazing view of the valley. Among these bushes, there is a small path, on your left, taking you at the foot of a high rock wall, after climbing down a new juniper ladder. Then you finally reach the archaeological site “Grutta ‘e Janas” and Baunei village.

mappa escursione da s. maria navarrese a baunei