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Explorando Supramonte

Passavamo sulla terra leggeri come acqua, come acqua che scorre, salta, giù dalla conca piena della fonte, scivola e serpeggia tra muschi e felci, fino alle radici delle sughere e dei mandorli o scende scivolando sulle pietre, per i monti e i colli fino al piano, dai torrenti al fiume, a farsi lenti verso le paludi e il mare, chiamata in vapore dal sole a diventare nube dominata dai venti e pioggia benedetta” Atzeni, S.

The famous Sardinian writer Sergio Atzeni, wrote this passage thinking about the first inhabitants of Sardinia. “Passare sulla terra leggeri” to pass lightly on earth, was their main value and it has become a philosophy for the people who nowadays live in Baunei. Only in this way they have preserved such an extraordinary land, where traces left by man are faint and merge with wild nature.

For the same purpose, Explorando Supramonte wants to guide you inside this special world, spread the love for wild nature, share a harsh but fascinating land, impressive and mysterious. Explorando Supramonte is an association in which experience meets innovation, tradition meets modern life needs, where the knowledge that comes from lives spent in the mountains is integrated by the freshness of new generations.

Claudio and Mario live between Baunei and S. Maria Navarrese. Founders of the Società Speleologica Baunese, from 2003 they are the managers of the Grotta del Fico, where they also work as Guides. For 15 years they have been working as Environmental and Hiking Guides through the Supramonte of Baunei. In addition to speleology, hobby that became their profession, they spend their free time climbing and mountaineering. A strong desire to spread their passion and enthusiasm also to new generations always enhances their work.


Claudio Calzoni, n° 164 del Registro Regionale delle Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche (GAE)

Mario Muggianu, n° 177 del Registro Regionale delle Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche (GAE)