Hiking to Cala Luna

  • Distance: 8,5 km.

  • Duration: about 3 hours

  • Level of difficulty: Hiking (E level, according to CAI classicfication)

  • Ascent: 650 m. downhill

  • Signs: generally good; well visible on the footpath. 

  • Info: considering that the excursion’s itinerary is quite long, we suggest you walk on foot to Cala Luna and arrange to come back to the starting point by boat and then by car..

Hiking from Su Compudadorgiu to Cala Luna

Starting point: “Su Compudadorgiu”, (Margine Plateau, Baunei)

Description: from Baunei, you drive north, on the SS 125, turn right at 169,5 km and take a dirt road up to Margine plateau. Keep on driving on this road for about 14 km up to Località “Punta Margine” (we highly recommend to be driven there). You start from “Su Campudadorgiu”, the track is well indicated by an information plaque. You are at 630 a.s.l. and start walking eastwards; the track twists and turns through the “Murreddu” wood, until you reach the beautiful “Bidonie” valley. You are walking on an ancient wagon dirt road, used in the past for coal transport, taking you to the limestone high grounds above the “Codula di Luna”: there, if you look carefully, you can also catch sight of bighorn sheep groups.  After an hour walking, you leave the footpath, at a fork you turn left (560 m a.s.l.), so that after 100 m you reach Onamarra sheepfolds: first, you see two old sheep pens, and nearby the new one. This “Coile” (Sardinian word for pen) was built in 1953, together with the adjacent hut, whose entrance door is situated in the east wall.

Following this track, you get to “S’archittu de Lopiro”, where you can catch sight of Orosei Gulf. After three km from the starting point, you finally reach the breath-taking beach of “Cala Luna” (literary meaning the Moon Cove). This beach, being part of Orosei Gulf, is made up of white coarse-grained sand and pebbles. Steep rock walls and wide caves surround the seashore: here you can find a shelter from the summer heat. This natural area was chosen both in 1974 and 2002 as the location for the famous film “Travolti da un insolito destino” (starred in 1974 by the Italian actress Mariangela Melato and in 2002 by the popstar Madonna). On the beach, you can find some facilities, such as bars and a refreshment stands; its flat sea bottom is ideal for kinds.

mappa itinerario escursione cala luna da baunei