B&B Dommu Agostina

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B & B Dommu Agostina is located in the centre of Baunei, very close to the beautiful San Nicola church, the Commune and the shops on the main street. Dommu Agostina has a very ancient heart. Its stone walls pulsate with the old Baunei and its colours give it a special life. The house is named after Agostina, the present owner’s mother and is harmonious with the name of her grandmother, Angelina. This assonance seems to mark the family remembrance and the authentic intimacy that you will find in our B & B. The first construction goes back to the second half of the XVIV century. The house still keeps traces of that period. The building was restored in the sixties and it still keeps the interior structure and upper facade overlooking SS. Martini alley.

The lower facade highlights the wide terrace which is dominated by an ancient hickory providing abundant fruits and shade. Just in front of this facade is a panoramic arch, a unique example in Ogliastra, which overlooks the sea and the Gennargentu massif. Recently, the house has been renovated respecting traditional local architecture and taking into account aspects of modern decor which many visitors will appreciate. At Dommu Agostina they will discover our passion for hospitality.

The house is fully equipped with all modern facilities including heating, a very comfortable living-room with TV, wi-fi in every room and public areas, breakfast on the terrace with local and national products and the possibility of enjoying the panorama on the upper terrace. There are four rooms: three double rooms RED, ORANGE, GREEN and a twin room VIOLET with a bunk bed. There is a bathroom available for two rooms and, if requested, the use of the bathroom can be for one room only. The parking spot is close by, just ten metres from Papa Giovanni alley, Pedraniedda street and Bingigedda square.