B&B ByNos

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We called our B&B “ByNos” because we wanted recall the probable origins of the name of our country that wants Baunei arising, in fact, from the greek "Bainos”, which means a furnace for melting metals or cook the typical limestone to obtain lime. When we read Bainos, the sound evokes an esperanto "to us" and we like to think that the greek name encloses somehow a innate sense of hospitality of our country.

The room "Beranu" (Spring in Sardinian) with the green of the walls and the room "S'Jerru" (Winter) with the furniture in the colors of black and white wants to remind at the winter. The breakfast room is an explicit reference to the summer season... to "S'Istade" ... that here means sea, boat trips, hiking .. but always to reach some small bay and finish with a refreshing bath. The colors of blue are the predominant and the furniture wants to remind the colors and the interior of a boat that can carry you to our sea and lull you off the beautiful beaches of the coast